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As a qualified psychotherapist, I offer a confidential, safe and non-judgmental space to explore life's problems, challenges and emotional difficulties. Whether you are looking to work through personal, relationship or work-related issues; therapy can help you to live a more resourceful life and  provide increased self-awareness, change and personal growth.


A Bit About Therapy

Therapy provides a safe and secure space to talk through your experiences with a certified professional who can contain and facilitate self-exploration. As a unique individual, you are the expert on yourself. Consciously or unconsciously only you know what hurts and what needs to be explored. Together we can safely delve under the surface at an appropriate pace to dissect personal problems and look at effective ways to help you move forward in your life and relationships.


Therapy can be short term (3-12 weeks) and target a specific life issue, loss or challenge. For those wishing to self-explore a little deeper for personal growth and improve emotional resilience, long-term therapy can be beneficial and ongoing. 

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Services I Offer

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Individual In Person Therapy

I provide face to face weekly sessions from private offices in Farnham, Surrey. I offer short or long term arrangements.


Online Therapy

I can provide weekly online therapy via a secured zoom connection.

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Walk and Talk Therapy

For those who prefer to be outdoors, I can offer walk and talk therapy. Restrictions apply but please do enquire.